A+ CF2050 V2 Foil Kit

A+ CF2050 V2 Foil Kit

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Foiling Made Easy

With the greatest stability and most accessible flight speed in our CF V2 range, the 2050 is the larger rider's gateway to foiling.

  • Low minimum flying speed is ideal for learning to wing foil.
  • Confidence-inspiring pitch and roll stability for discovering foiling behind a boat or jetski.
  • A lightwind machine for more experienced wing foil riders. 


WING: Beginner riders 78kg and up in all conditions, intermediate riders 65-89kg in light+ conditions.

WAKE: Riders 100kg and up.

DOWNWINDIntermediate riders of all weights.

Foil Kit Includes: CF2050V2 Foil, V2 CF300 Stabiliser, 72cm (28.5”) Mast, TC70 (27.5”) Fuse, PP Shims


AREA:  2050 sq/cm


WEIGHT: 1620gr

AR: 4.82

Free freight Aust only

If sold out please contact store and we can order in for you. 
03 5261 6077



Great service re the purchase of a Red Original change robe. Thanks Ben and Jess 👍

Stonker Google Review

Dropped off a surfboard to be repaired and within 24hrs was ready to be picked up also done an awesome job. Also assist with a new stabiliser fin.
Great customer service very polite. Very reasonable price.

Stonker Google Review

The team at Stonker is not only hardworking but also lovely. My experience with Jess and Ben was truly exceptional as they possess extensive knowledge about their products. Despite I was interstate, I communicated with them over the phone and received exemplary assistance. I am extremely satisfied with their services and highly recommend Stonker to others. I will certainly be a returning customer in the future.

Stonker Google Review

Great friendly customer service, goods arrived promptly, happy customer 😊

Stonker Google Reviews

Loved the new CF2050. so forgiving and easy to ride. Super fast to get on foil in light winds. never drops out and hard to breach.
So much fun !!

Thanks Stonker team :)

Stonker Google Review

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