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Armstrong Midlength Boards
Armstrong Midlength Boards
Armstrong Midlength Boards
Armstrong Midlength Boards
Armstrong Midlength Boards
Armstrong Midlength Boards
Armstrong Midlength Boards
Armstrong Midlength Boards
Armstrong Midlength Boards
Armstrong Midlength Boards

Armstrong Midlength Boards

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The Armstrong Midlength FG Board Range

Inspired by the soul of surfing, the Midlength is more than a board, it’s an approach.

It's the unconventional idea that in a world hellbent on giving you so many choices that you can hardly pick what to take out for a session, doing more with less is an inspiring alternative.

True to its surf-inspired name, the new MidLength board range truly redefines when and how you can go foiling. It’s the ace up your sleeve, the session saver, hell, it’s a fast-paddling, rippable flight time booster that’s your new superpower. It gives you the freedom to define how you ride. The choice is yours.

Five sizes from 5’1 (45L) to 6’5 (85L)

Slotting in between Armstrong's Prone, Wing and Downwind boards, the Midlength is a session saver on small or light days with excellent paddle power and an easy release to get you up on foil.

Speed and efficiency work equally well to boost your confidence when hunting down bigger surf; the Midlength paddles like a rhino chaser that transforms into your shortboard once in flight.

Forget choosing the perfect board, just get on the water and let the board melt away as you take in everything else. A goldilocks ratio of dimensions and volume makes for optimum glide, stability and manoeuvrability so you don’t need to be a pro to up your time on foil.

Notes from the shaping bay

  • Outline: A pointed but not overly sharp nose, gently tapering midsection and pulled in tail make for an efficient glider for prone paddling into either small or large surf. That glide translates remarkably well when winging, too – the Midlength is an amazing light wind machine that rockets off the water with nearly the ease of a Downwind board.
  • Rocker and rails: Progressive rocker from the nose to the foil tracks keeps things lively in the pocket and makes touchdown recovery easier, and tail kick out the back makes for easy pumping and a clean release on launch. Soft rails up front progress into harder lines out the back for efficient flow and balanced on-water tracking and responsiveness.
  • Bottom: Pulling from the Downwind boards, a subtle double concave at the nose works its way flat at the foil tracks and finally into the diamond-V tail shape for a quick pop up and maximum un-stickiness when touching down. If a board ever wanted to stay in the air, this would be it.


  • Surfboard-Inspired Outline
    • Looking to midlength surfboards for inspiration, the outline balances stability with efficient glide.
  • Downwind-Inspired Bottom Contours
    • Subtle double concave to flat at the foil tracks with a diamond-V tail out the back. Chines run the full length of the board.
  • Split Foredeck
    • The raised central portion of the deck ahead of the pad helps shed water quickly.
  • Footstrap Inserts
    • PVC footstrap inserts for self-tapping screws; optimised for V-strap front footstrap.
  • Vent
    • Allows the board to breathe in a range of temperatures and maintain its structural integrity.
  • Raised Deck Wedges and Arch Bars
    • An intuitive foot placement reference with extra grip for prone waveriding or winging.
  • Forward Geometry Foil Track
    • Armstrong's proprietary Forward Geometry foil track fasttracks your progression. This system is designed to work with any foil brand.
  • Carbon Foil Tracks
    • Industry leading durability.
  • Dual Carbon Stringer System
    • Maximum rigidity for sublime feel underfoot.


45L: 5’1 / 155cm x 17” / 43cm x 3 ¾” / 9.5cm
55L: 5’5 / 165cm x 18” / 45.7cm x 4 1/8” / 10.5cm
65L: 5’9 / 175cm x 19” / 48.3cm x 4 1/2” / 11.4cm
75L: 6’1 / 185.5cm x 20” / 50.8cm x 4 5/8” / 11.7cm
85L: 6’5 / 195.5cm x 20 ¾” / 52.7cm x 4 7/8” / 12.4cm

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