Armstrong Wing FG Foilboard
Armstrong Wing FG Foilboard

Armstrong Wing FG Foilboard

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The all new Wing board range is designed to enable your winging progression.
Its refined shape packs more volume into smaller dimensions, allowing riders to experience the performance of a smaller board while facilitating ease of use. A swept wedge nose, cleanly arranged tail geometry and full length chines results in a unique level of functionality, refinement and aesthetics.
Ten sizes from 34 - 135L offer something for riders of all skill levels and weight.
Armstrong Wing FG Foilboard available at Stonker in Torquay

An evolved and refined shape

Armstrong Forward Geometry

Experience a big jump in overall performance without having to trade substantial volume to get there.

Armstrong foilboards proven construction

  • Compared to the FG board ranges, the Wing boards have an overall narrower outline for increased planing speed, higher turning performance and reduced windage.
  • Improved stability with a wider, flatter standing area and contoured deck grip edges.
  • Incredibly smooth and easy takeoffs and touchdowns with a cleaner, reduced area bottom shape.

Sizes and Specs: 


Length: 132cm / 4’2
Width: 45cm / 17 ¾ “ 
Thickness: 7.6cm / 3” 
Volume: 34L
Weight: 3.5kg / 7.7lbs


Length: 132cm / 4’4
Width: 47cm / 18 ½” 
Thickness: 8.2cm / 3 ¼” 
Volume: 40L
Weight: 3.7kg / 8.1lbs


Length: 137cm / 4’6
Width: 50cm / 19 ⅝”
Thickness: 9.5cm / 3 ¾”
Volume: 48L
Weight: 4.2kg / 9.2lbs


Length: 142cm / 4’8
Width: 52cm / 20 ½” 
Thickness: 10.1cm / 4”
Volume: 58L
Weight: 4.7kg / 10.3lbs


Length: 152cm / 5’0
Width: 56cm / 22”
Thickness: 11.4cm / 4 ½” 
Volume: 70L
Weight: 5.2kg / 11.4lbs


Length: 157.5cm / 5’2
Width: 58cm / 22 ¾” 
Thickness: 11.4cm / 4 ½” 
Volume: 80L
Weight: 5.7kg / 12.5lbs


Length: 162.6cm / 5’4
Width: 60cm / 23 ½” 
Thickness: 12.4cm / 4 ⅞” 
Volume: 90L
Weight: 6.1kg / 13.4lbs


Length: 172.7cm / 5’8
Width: 64cm / 25 ¼” 
Thickness: 12.7cm / 5”
Volume: 105L
Weight: 6.7kg / 14.7lbs


Length: 180cm / 5’11
Width: 67cm / 26 ¼” 
Thickness: 13.3cm / 5 ¼” 
Volume: 120L
Weight: 7.2kg / 15.8lbs


Length: 188cm / 6’2
Width: 70cm / 27 ½” 
Thickness: 14.5cm / 5 ¾” 
Volume: 135L
Weight: 8kg / 17.6lbs



Great service re the purchase of a Red Original change robe. Thanks Ben and Jess 👍

Stonker Google Review

I love my swim robe - perfect for walking to and from the beach for an early morning swim on those cold days. It's Wind proof and keeps the car seat dry when used in the car.

Stonker Google Review

The team at Stonker is not only hardworking but also lovely. My experience with Jess and Ben was truly exceptional as they possess extensive knowledge about their products. Despite I was interstate, I communicated with them over the phone and received exemplary assistance. I am extremely satisfied with their services and highly recommend Stonker to others. I will certainly be a returning customer in the future.

Stonker Google Review

Great friendly customer service, goods arrived promptly, happy customer 😊

Stonker Google Reviews

Loved the new CF2050. so forgiving and easy to ride. Super fast to get on foil in light winds. never drops out and hard to breach.
So much fun !!

Thanks Stonker team :)

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