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Armstrong High Speed (HS) Wings


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The High Speed Series is like a Holden Commodore: easy and fun to ride. An absolute BLAST!

Why Armstrong?

  • Unparalleled multi sport performance = Surf + Kite + SUP + Wake + Downwind + Tow + Windsurf
  • Industry-leading 12 months Warranty = Designed and built to last a lifetime with millimeter precision manufacturing throughout
  • Ultimate Stability = Consistent smooth responsive ride with unparalleled dynamic flex response
  • Futuristic Carbon Fuselage with Titanium Core Technology = Corrosion Free materials with ALL screw holes in Titanium (NO ALUMINIUM)
  • Future proof Modular design = The easiest foil to learn with and progress to pro-level, new interchangeable parts which will all fit the system
  • Improved safety = Masts and wings have rounded edges and corners
  • The Benchmark in Quality + Reliability + Function
  • A+ System update Mar 2021 read about it HERE

Construction is based around a high-density foam core, which is wrapped with 100% IM and High Modulus Carbon.
The main wings are shaped and refined for maximum stability and predictability at all speeds
The foil sections have been carefully designed by one of the world’s foremost sport wing designers.

*All High Speed A+ Front Wing comes complete with A+System screws, and protective cover