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Armstrong A+ System upgrade kit


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The kit can be used to modify dozens of wings and fuslages so maybe share with a few mates?

The kit contains everything needed to modify front wings and the mast to the A+ system, but remember the standard or original fuselage cannot be modified.

So included in the kit are the Mast drilling jig, the wing drilling barrel nut jig, 3.5mm, 6.5mm and 8mm drill bits, a 90 degree countersink bit, a diamond file, 2 shims, and 2 x barrel nuts and screws.

And here is Armie showing how its done, we would recommend a piece of wood or plastic to put inside the wing or mast to stop the drill hitting the other side, and we recommend not wiggling the drills or countersink bit, keep them as close to perpendicular to the axis of the hole as possible. (sorry Armie my trade background in fitting and turning)