MA1750 Foil Kit
MA1750 Foil Kit
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The MA Range is taking Armstrong Foil Frothers by storm and we now have the beautifully designed foil kits rolling out from April 1st. Place your order now by popping in store or drop us an email. 

Stellar Glide & Acceleration

A specially tuned leading edge shape gives MA foils stellar glide and high responsive acceleration. They're a dream to pump when connecting wave sets, downwinding in open ocean swell, or riding way back on a boat wake. 

Low End Lift & Broad Speed Range

Thanks to its high camber foil section, the MA range delivers a unique blend of lift at low speeds yet retains excellent controllability at the top end. This makes getting onto foil and pumping easier while reducing your chances of being "over foiled" in big conditions. 

Fluid Carving

There's nothing better than feeling connected to the foil through a turn, which is why Armstrong designed the MA foils to deliver seamless and intuitive control through the full range of bank angles. 

Lightning Fast Ventilation Recovery

From breaching a wingtip in the surf to landing an air, the MA range handles ventilation with ease. A fine leading edge section and tuned wingtip inflection allow for quick flow reattachment after a breach, making these foils the perfect platform for practicing aerials or ripping the hardest turns of your foiling journey. 


Lightwind session saver, pump machine with excellent glide and low end.

The 1750 is our largest MA foil, it opens new possibilities with exceptional low end, a wide speed range and easy pump performance. It’s ideal for rookie to advanced wingers and the perfect introduction to downwinding.

Armstrong MA1750 now available for purchase at Stonker in Torquay.
Foil Kit Includes: MA1750 Foil, Flow235 Stabiliser, 85cm (33.5”) Mast, TC70 (27.5”) Fuse, PP Shims

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Great service re the purchase of a Red Original change robe. Thanks Ben and Jess 👍

Stonker Google Review

I love my swim robe - perfect for walking to and from the beach for an early morning swim on those cold days. It's Wind proof and keeps the car seat dry when used in the car.

Stonker Google Review

The team at Stonker is not only hardworking but also lovely. My experience with Jess and Ben was truly exceptional as they possess extensive knowledge about their products. Despite I was interstate, I communicated with them over the phone and received exemplary assistance. I am extremely satisfied with their services and highly recommend Stonker to others. I will certainly be a returning customer in the future.

Stonker Google Review

Great friendly customer service, goods arrived promptly, happy customer 😊

Stonker Google Reviews

Loved the new CF2050. so forgiving and easy to ride. Super fast to get on foil in light winds. never drops out and hard to breach.
So much fun !!

Thanks Stonker team :)

Stonker Google Review