Slingshot kitesurfing and kiteboarding

Slingshot is one of the first kiteboarding companies in the world and has been a market leader since the turn of the century.

Tony and John Logosz, who founded the company in the Gorge area of Washington state in the USA, got in to wind sports after being involved in boating, and they started designing kites and boards after they were introduced to Lou Wainman in the early days of kiting.

Since then the company has expanded into, and revolutionized the wakeboard industry, as well as being one of the worlds leading kite surf brands. Windsurf gear and foiling equipment are also part of their product range.

Slingshot have always been very focussed on producing top quality gear and were also the first kiteboarding brand to have a coolness factor about it, which really appealed to the younger crowd getting in to kiting, and still does today. It’s hard to think of another kite company that is anywhere near as cool as Slingshot.

The Slingshot range of kites and boards is second to none. We recommend that our students learn with Slingshot gear and 90% stay with the brand for their new gear as they progress in the sport.