Ozone kitesurfing Gear

Ozone is one of the most truly innovative kitesurf companies in the world. They design and make not only kites for kitesurfing, but also paragliding and paramotor wings and wingsuits. In recent years, Ozone have begun making twin tip kiteboards and harnesses, so you can now have a complete kitesurf kit all in one brand!

Ozone have their own proprietary design software and even their own factory in Vietnam, so they have full control of the manufacturing process from start to finish, ensuring superb quality.

All Ozone products are checked and batch tested throughout the manufacturing process and must pass final checks before they leave the factory. Close contact between their product development teams and production facility ensures that every product is manufactured to spec and is guaranteed to be worthy of the Ozone name.

Ozone is synonymous with quality and the materials that go into each product are based on this factor alone. Ever since their humble beginnings they have carried out constant performance and longevity evaluations of every material and component available to maintain their position at the forefront of durability and performance.

They do not produce in large batches; all products are manufactured to order using their bespoke B2B ordering system. This method of production is unique to the Kitesurf industry and means there is no extra stock flooding into the market, which can devalue a product at the end of the season.

We have a very dedicated team of kiters in the Torquay/Geelong area who would never buy anything but Ozone. If you join them, you will be completely happy with your decision, guaranteed!