Our Story

STONKER (noun);

1. Something great, exceptional
2. Slang for anything massive or large

Having a “Stonker” of a day!
What a “Stonker” performance!

Stonker is an innovative standup paddleboard (SUP), surfboard, kiting and foiling business with a commitment to supplying riders with the equipment they need to go in search of that perfect wave or simply enjoy their passion.
We use the highest quality & environmentally friendly materials available. For over 20 years we have specialised in quality shaping, glassing and board manufacturing along with a host of surfing and kiting related products.
Stonker is an Australian owned and operated company in Torquay, Victoria, local to some of Australia’s most famous surf beaches, including Bells Beach, which is where our new shapes and design get tested in all types of weather and swell conditions.