Wing Surfing or Wind Winging? Do it on your SUP board!

Wing Surfing or Wind Winging? Do it on your SUP board!

Are you seeking a fresh and exciting way to amplify your stand-up paddleboarding experience all year round? 

Look no further, for we're thrilled to introduce you to an exciting water sport that's ready to redefine your aquatic adventures! Enter the realm of wing-surfing, also known as wind-winging. This sport is the embodiment of novelty, offering a contemporary twist to water-based activities. 

Imagine it as an accessible, budget-friendly rendition of windsurfing, designed to resonate with both newcomers and seasoned water enthusiasts. 

The (expensive) journey to capturing the wind

While windsurfing pioneered the wind sports scene in the 1980s, its cost and complexity gradually put it out of reach for many. 

Then, around two decades ago, kitesurfing burst onto the scene, gaining momentum until approximately 2010. Yet, as with its predecessor, kitesurfing's expense and perceived extreme nature posed barriers for aspiring participants. Enter the hero of the narrative: wing-surfing. 

Wing-surfing boasts a host of advantages and is divided into two principal categories—high-performance hydrofoil board wing-surfing and the anticipated crowd-pleaser, standard stand-up paddle board wing-surfing. 

Introducing a new way to fly on your SUP

Our focus here hones in on the latter form of wing-surfing, the cost-effective version. 

Picture this: armed with a standard SUP board (likely already in your possession), your investment boils down to just two essential components: 

Both Slingshot and Ozone, big players in the kitesurfing industry, lend their credibility to these offerings, brands we've endorsed for a number of years.


Slinghsot SUPwinder at Stonker in Torquay Australia
Slinghsot SUPwinder at Stonker in Torquay Victoria


Slinghsot SUPwinder at Stonker
Slinghsot SUPwinder available for purchase at Stonker in Torquay

Putting the wind wing under the spotlight

If you’re still concerned, allow us to demystify the Wind Wing's essence. 

Visualise a construct resembling a compact kitesurf kite. Its inflatable frame facilitates easy deflation and compact storage post-use. Rather than tethered to 25-metre lines, this wing is held directly by the adventurer atop the SUP board. As it flutters aloft, it not only harnesses the wind but also elevates you to new heights. 

Balancing in a semi-surf stance on your board, you'll find yourself propelled by the breeze's gentle persuasion. 

The art of harnessing the wind on a SUP

For optimal performance, a wind speed of 10–20 knots is ideal—providing the thrust needed for dynamic boarding and even upwind manoeuvring. 

By mastering the art of tacking upwind, you'll experience the joy of returning to your starting point without a single stride on the shoreline. The sUP WINDer, a brainchild of Slingshot, aids your upwind conquests. This unassuming retrofit keel fin adheres seamlessly to your SUP board's hull, enhancing your control and stability. 

It can be detached at your convenience, instantly restoring your paddle-driven experience.

Carpe diem with your sUP WINDer

Look no further than summer's embrace, when the afternoon sea breezes grace the scene, to make the most of your new fin attachment. 

If dawn's offshore winds and serene waves don't fit your schedule, fret not. Venture out later in the day, and embrace the thrill of cruising atop the water's surface. Sailing aficionados, prepare to be enamoured by the sheer delight of it all! Let your curiosity take flight, and immerse yourself in this dynamic and captivating aquatic pursuit. 

Your summer escapades will never be the same again! 

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