Wing foiling basics for beginners!

Wing foiling basics for beginners!

Wing foiling is fun and very popular down here on the Surf Coast! In fact it’s gaining momentum in all corners of the globe.

If you are thinking about getting into wing foiling here is a helpful guide to get you started. 

When learning to wing you need to think about your foil setup and the conditions you are heading into. 

1. Water conditions

The first thing to consider where to wing is where you want to use it. If you are heading out you want to be out at high tide.

If you plan to be on bigger waves you're going to want a longer mast. For North it's the AF85 and for Armstrong the 85cm mast are great for winging in the surf.  

2. Wind Conditions

The second consideration is wind conditions. In light winds, you'll need a larger wing, while in strong winds you'll need something that can handle more power and is smaller. A great starting point is a wing around the 4m or 5m mark. 

The best conditions to start wing foiling in for a beginner is 15-20 kts as you need enough wind to generate power in your wing to get you flying.

Winging in cross-shore wind (parallel to the beach) is the best for safety reasons. If you head out in offshore winds, you could be left struggling to get back to shore. A walk back up the beach is much more desirable. 

3. Skill Level

Finally, your experience level should also be considered when making your decision. Beginners should start with a simple and easy-to-use wing, with more handles and should learn to power up and de-power the wing. A heavier person will need a bigger and more powerful wing than a lighter person. Our Nova Wings from North are great for beginners and have a huge selection so you can progress with your skill. 

Start learning on land by practicing controlling the wind, how to tack and gybe and to power and de-power your wing. Once you can control the wing you can add the foil. 

Getting your head around two things at once is tricky so learn one element at a time to keep it fun.

Come chat to us in store and check out our selection of wings. We have one for every size, and experience level.

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