SUP for fun: Weekend shenanigans

SUP for fun: Weekend shenanigans

A couple of weekends ago, we jumped at the chance to get out on the water. With the sun shining and some family visiting Torquay we thought we’d take a SUP out and do some posing!

Pick a board for everyone

We chose the 10'6 x 32" Red Ride SUP since it's Red’s best-selling board ever! Ben is 6'0 feet tall, I am 5'10 and Lachie my brother is 6'2 so it was a good all-rounder for all three of us.

With our young baby in tow now, we literally have to pack the house to go anywhere. With the valuable space in the car being taken up by extra blankets and towels, it’s lucky this SUP is compact.

Portable and compact

The SUP, pump, leash, and paddle all fit easily in a bag that can be wheeled down to the beach. We spent about 5-10 minutes inflating it with the Red Titan II pump. I thought it was a great workout for the arms and a warm up for the fun to come.

Here's my brother Lachie dominating!

Why I recommend it

The first thing I noticed when using this SUP was how fast it was compared to other inflatable SUPs I have used in the past.

It glides easy through choppy water and holds her own getting through the white water break. You can turn and manoeuvre quickly which I loved. Plus when you get the wobbles or lose your footing it's really forgiving.

After taking turns on the SUP and enjoying watching each other fall off a few times, catch some waves and explore the water, it was time to dry off and get home.

Winter days are short and I can’t wait for the longer hours of daylight to really make the most of this board. We have the Red Paddle SUP for demo in the shop if you want to come and try it for yourself.

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