The lowdown on waist leashes for wing foiling

The lowdown on waist leashes for wing foiling

Do you get tangled up in your leash when wing foiling?

Here is some insight on wing foiling with leashes.... 

We're not sure about you, but we're sick of getting tangled in leashes and the frustration of trying to find the perfect set up. It seems simple, but it's not and we hazard a guess you've all been annoyed with your leashes at some point.

Even though it all comes down to personal preference when deciding what is the best and most comfortable way to attach yourself to your gear when out on the water, we're pretty sure we have pin-pointed the perfect set.

Here at Stonker we've tried and tested all sorts of setups, from ankle leashes, wrist, knee. You name it. Not to mention whether it should be coiled or straight. 

After testing it ourselves, asking others and looking at Instagram posts of some of the pro riders, we have narrowed it down to our favourite options. 

Three options for wing foil leashes

It's pretty stock standard that most wing brands include a wrist leash when you buy a new wing. We believe your wrist is the best way to keep your wing attached to you.

North Kiteboarding are one of our favourite brands in the wing foil world and they have a secure and strong wrist leash that comes with the wing on purchase. 

The leash also offers a slight bungee stretch to aid in performance:

However, when it comes to keeping your board secure, there are more options. Our favourite: 


Why is this our favourite? In terms of practicality, the coil keeps the leash from wrapping around your board or yourself. It also stops your board from getting to far away from you in an event of crashing, but still allowing it to move away for safety. Balin Is a high quality and well known brand and the ddouble stainless steel pivots keep the leash extremely secure.

Why waist over ankle? Again, this keeps the leash from getting tangled and you don't have to worry about it when gybing or tacking. The leash also feels far more secure around your waist since your waist is far stronger than your ankle.

Like the ankle leash? 

If your preference is to keep your board attached to your ankle then we would recommend attaching your wing to your waist, having one or the other around your waist allows a lot more room and freedom.

A great option to attach the wing to your waist is the Armstrong WAIST/WING WAIST LEASHArmstrong attention to detail making for the Ultimate wind wing waist leash - keeps both your hands free and your wing within easy reach.

If you think you have a better option, feel free to let us know!

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