Some of our favourite products from North foils

Some of our favourite products from North foils

Stonker Torquay is a second home for North Kiteboarding and Foiling - Here is the lowdown on some of our favourite gear from North and why you need it. 

North has a wide range of some of the top kiting gear in the world. These days, they are now changing the game with foils and wings, suitable to start your wing foiling journey. 

The HA 1250

The High Aspect HA1250 is one of our favourable front wings. It is the ultimate front wing for wing-foiling at speed.

The HA1250 boasts high lift, speed, and glide in flat or choppy water.

Exceptional efficiency and pumpability allows you connect wave after wave when prone or SUP foil surfing. This wing is not for the faint hearted, it will go places fast and it will ride the waves well! Just why we love it here at stonker.

North Mode Wing

The new north mode wing is also something to write home about. This is the newest top of the line wing, the durability is exceptional and it features many unique qualities to enhance performance. 

The Mode features a VMG-optimised design, which allows the user to sail closer to the wind on a higher upwind angle. The wing is made up of an N-weave technology. 

Another great feature of the North Mode wing is it's solid boom style handles. This gives the rider stability and space when tacking or gybing. 


  • N-Weave Technology: 3x stiffer, 40% lighter.
  • VMG-Optimised Design
  • Freestyle and Freeride Performance
  • High end stability and impressive wind range
  • New panel layout
  • Compact outline with reduced wingspan

North is leading the new search for incredible, high quality performance gear. Now is your chance to get amongst it. 

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