A new chapter begins at Stonker in Torquay!

A new chapter begins at Stonker in Torquay!


21 years ago Alex Gillan (pic below) started an incredible brand called Stonker. A few weeks ago we were handed the keys to his kingdom after he gave us the all clear to purchase his business.

The former owner of Stonker in Torquay - Alex Gillan

We're now pumped to introduce ourselves as the proud new owners of Stonker!

So who are we?

We're Ben & Jessica Hucker. We have an 8 month old son who you might see from time to time around the shop. It won't be long until he's giving you a sales pitch on Red SUPs :)

Jess has a love for paddle boarding after working for a number of years on super yachts in the Med and up the east coast of Australia. She spent a lot of her downtime exploring the surrounding ports, river ways and anchorages on an inflatable SUP.

Ben is an avid surfer and dreamt of a lifestyle business that allowed him to spend more time on the water. He has lapped up the new world of foiling and board design and is already obsessed with surf SUPs. 

Here's a pic of us on settlement day on May 23 2022:

The new owners of Stonker in Torquay - Ben Hucker & Jess Hucker

And the plan moving forward?

It'll be business as usual at Stonker as we get a handle on the brand and get to know the awesome community built by Alex & Murray. Stonker will remain tied to its roots in kiteboarding as we expand the range of foils and SUPs on offer.

Alex the wizard will be sticking around for two days a week to pass on his wisdom and look after ding repairs. Liam the young wizard will be in the shop three days a week spinning yarns and continuing to provide outstanding customer service. Murray is acting as an advisor from afar and loyal sage.

Ben & Jess will be in and out of the shop and getting to know the Stonker faithful in an attempt to fill the very big shoes of Alex & Murray.

We can’t wait to begin this new chapter at Stonker and carry on the legacy of the Stonker brand!

Come into the shop and say hello when you get a chance and have a Stonker of a day.

Ben & Jess :)


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