Foiling: 5 reasons to try it!

Foiling: 5 reasons to try it!

Have you ever seen those surfers with the giant mast sticking out of the water, zipping across the water at impossible speeds and wondered what they were doing?

Well, my friend, they might have been foiling! And it is every bit as awesome as it looks.

Here are 5 reasons you need to try foiling:

1. You'll become a superhero

With the power of flight comes great responsibility... or something like that. But seriously, once you start foiling, you'll feel like you can take on the world. There's nothing quite like the sensation of soaring above the water at high speeds. Like you are flying on a magic carpet! Think Aladdin in the surf.

2. Goldilocks Conditions - never short of a good wave

Foiling isn't dependent on perfect surf conditions. If there are onshore or offshore winds, you can still find a great spot to jump out on your foil.

Meaning you get more time in the water rather than paddling and fighting 20 other people for the wave.

3. You can go anywhere

With a foil underfoot there are no limits. You can sail in the lightest of winds and the roughest of seas. Whether you're ripping up big waves or cruising around your local lake, foil windsurfing is the ultimate way to get your need for speed.

We have seen wing foils in Lake Wendouree, Ballarat, up
the Murray River being towed behind a wake and beating the line-up at Snapper Rocks.

4. It's suitable for all ages

Whether you're a young gun who's just starting out in the world of foiling or an experienced waterman looking for a new challenge, foiling is a great option for all ages.

We see a lot of families coming through the doors and wanting to get into the sport. The youngest we’ve seen up and foiling was a 10 year old kid ripping in the bay at Geelong.

5. You can do it all year round

It's so good to find a sport you can do year round. With something like traditional windsurfing, you're limited to sailing in areas with large bodies of water and consistent winds. But in the right location and with a wetsuit on, you can foil year round.

Turn your marginal days for surfing into one of the best days of your life with a strong foil sesh’ downwind too.

We have the new CF V2 range in store!

Armstrong released their new range of Carving Freeride V2 wings.

This stable and forgiving front wing is perfect for beginners getting into foiling and helps accelerate your skill level.

We currently have all the new CF V2 front wings in stock:
950 / 1200 / 1600 / 2050.

The best way to upskill your foil game is to get out behind a boat for some foiling lessons in a small wake.

With conditions made for learning and the right instructions you can quickly get a feel for it.

Come in and have a chat to hear more about foil lessons and a good kit for a beginner.

Or send us a note online if you’re a bit of a hike from Torquay, Australia


V2 Carving Freeride (CF) Wings - NEW!!

Stability Is Confidence

A stable, predictable foil helps to make progression easier and safer. If you’re just beginning your foiling journey or are already an advanced rider, this range has a size tailored for you.

More Flight Time

Whether you’re trying your first gybes or perfecting your backflips, the CF V2’s exceptionally forgiving low speed handling keeps the foil flying easily while you focus on the manoeuvre.

Inspiring You To Push It

Designed to inspire confidence, this range of foils enables intermediate and advanced riders to explore new territory whether it’s under a wing, behind a boat, or on a wave face.

A Future-Proofed System

Sized from 950 to 2050sq/cm, the CFv2 range truly caters to the full spectrum of rider levels, weights and foiling sports.

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