Armstrong's 6'6" Wing SUP foil board: A Great First Board

Armstrong's 6'6" Wing SUP foil board: A Great First Board

Looking to get into SUP foiling? Look no further than Armstrong's Wing SUP foil board!

The design for the 6’6” Wing SUP is perfect for those looking to start their foiling journey. With a light and sleek construction, it’s a foil that is sure to get you up and pumping pretty quickly.

Who's the 6'6"SUP foil board for?

This 2021 foil board design is for riders who want to get started in the exciting sport of foiling. Its lightweight and larger size make it perfect as a first SUP foil board or with a wing for  medium to larger riders. The option of having multiple reinforced foot strap inserts allows perfect placement for progressive riders that want to be strapped in!

What does Armstrong have to say about the 6'6"?

"Our range of SUP foil boards has been developed to offer the rider lightweight, stability, and manoeuvrability. Careful attention to volume distribution means that they are stable on the water, easy to paddle and take off early due to the accelerated bottom shape."

Thanks, Armie Armstrong!

Some features of the 6'6" Wing SUP

Each 6'6" board comes with a Deck grip, Adjustable Carbon Tail kick pad, and protective Board Bag. Foot straps are an optional extra if you want to be strapped in.

Year: 2021

Dimensions: 6’6 x 30 1/2″ x 5″

Volume: 132L

Weight: 7.25 kg

A dual carbon sandwich stringer thrown in

The 6'6" construction is engineered with every fibre maximised to cope with the high leverage forces that are encountered with bigger boards and larger-sized foil wings.

That means you get Armstrong's industry-leading dual carbon sandwich stringer system with full Innegra sandwich box reinforcement. Plus, with a full triple-layer carbon Innegra PVC sandwich deck and rails, the result is ultimate stiffness and ride response.

Yeah, boi!

Okay, what's the damage for the Armstrong 6’6” wing SUP?

Well, the 6'6" retails for $2,699.99 but since it's winter and all we're feeling a little generous at Stonker! We want to see you with the 4/3, booties and a hoodie and out in the water with a wing or paddle.

But for a limited time, we're putting these bad boys on sale. We only have 3 in stock and we're selling them for $1,999.99. That's 25% OFF* the retail price. Now we're talking!

Come into the Stonker shop and check them out or order one online and we'll ship it to you free anywhere in Australia.

What a Stonker of a deal! Get at it or drop us a line if you want to chew the fat on the 6'6" a bit more.

*Until stock lasts which won't be long for these bad boys!

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