Armstrong’s Brand New Downwind Boards official release

Armstrong’s Brand New Downwind Boards official release

Downwind is a part of the Armstrong DNA. Armstrong has just released their brand new downwind board range and the stock we have in store is impressive!

When we first picked up the board, we were blown away by how light and sleek the boards are. It's clear the new boards are fast, stiff and the weight will be beneficial for pumping onto foil.  

New downwind board from Armstrong now available to purchase at Stonker.

  The new downwind board range combines the historical passion and motivation of traditional downwinders. Combine that with Armstrong’s experience and knowledge of water sports and you have yourself a winning combination.

The much anticipated downwind design boasts sleek lines, innovative volume distribution and state of the art construction. 

Armstrong has released five sizes to ensure there is a board that suits everyone:

The downwinders can also double as next level light wind winging platforms or SUP/prone surfing machines in micro conditions.

Other key features:

  • High volume shape with a subtle deck recess for good feel and control while remaining easy to paddle.
  • V nose to subtle double concave up to the foil boxes reduces drag on touch downs, and the pin tail acts like a fin for easy tracking when paddling.
  • Round rails at front help accelerate the board into bumps.
  • The shape of the bottom chines is inspired by Armstrong’s Performance Mast foil section for efficient water release and zippy acceleration onto bumps. 
  • Length to width ratio is optimised across the range for glide when paddling without compromising stability. 
  • Stiff, lightweight carbon PVC innegra sandwich construction with industry leading double carbon sandwich stringer system for a direct connection to the foil.
  • Proprietary custom carbon FG tracks for maximum strength, stiffness and durability.

Order a NEW Armstrong downwind  board from Stonker and get your downwind journey started! 

Influencer review from Oskar

Check out @OscarFoil as he unpacks and reviews his brand new downwinder from Armstrong: 

 Is it time to start your downwind journey?

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