5 ways to get fit with your SUP!

5 ways to get fit with your SUP!

Are you juggling time in the water with work and family commitments? Here's 5 SUP fitness fun facts that might give you the nudge you've been waiting for to get back out on the water.

1. Cross Training
SUP is a mix of endurance, balance and resistance training. It is low impact and works all the major muscle groups in the body. SUP lovers will know the feeling after a good paddle sesh. Fatigue in the shoulders and the muscles plus your core are a sign of a good session on the water.

2. Cardio fitness
Depending on how much effort you're putting in, you can definitely get the improvements of the cardiovascular system without the impact of sports like running. Many SUP riders enjoy distance rides from point to point or even touring with their SUP. Take a look at the Elite SUP from Red Paddle co - it's Made for traveling distances with ease and speed!

3. It's all in the CORE.
It can feel like you're a cat on water sometimes when you first start to SUP. Once you have your balance you can feel like a SUPerstar though!

Our core muscles are what gives us our balance and as we get stronger through these muscles our balance increases too. Watch the holiday excess disappear.

4. Reduce Stress Levels
Everyday stresses are part of life. Sometimes when we forego the things we enjoy, these stresses can accumulate and we feel constantly under pressure.
Letting off steam on the water is something we do on a daily basis here at Stonker. It really feels like an effective outlet. Personally we try to hit the water as much as possible to keep our mindset more calm and positive.

5. Coordination
Coordination is a skill you will learn when Paddling on water. You may start by learning to coordinate getting your SUP over the incoming wave as your standing or kneeling. You can then progress to paddling as you kneel and then stand up.
The coordination involved in staying on the board when catching a wave is probably the best part of learning to surf SUP. I have to say I have had my fair share of walking off the back when learning to SUP surf.

If you want to try Standup Paddleboarding, we can help you out with finding the right board for you and lessons. Come say hello. 

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