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Dynabar V9 XC Rope slider kite harness bar


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The DYNABAR XC V9 carbon-fiber composite is the answer!

Kiters who love the body freedom given by our exclusive sliding hook solution but require light equipment. The thermoformed EVA pad doesn't absorb water so the weight difference between dry and wet product is insignificant.

The design of this equipment is unique and keeps all the features needed by modern kitesurfing styles. Sliding hook can be added as an option but hook bungee can't be used.

The package includes:

  • zero water absorption pad
  • carbonfiber spreaderbar
  • sliding ring with pulley
  • dyneema leash
  • sliding short leash with carabiner
  • long dyneema leash to support the short leash
  • 2 hook buckles

Other options can be added: Sliding Hook.