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Compact 2022 Red Paddle Co Inflatable SUP 12'0

Red Paddle Co

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2022 Red Paddle Co. boards are here in stock.


The 9’ 6’’ Compact from Red Paddle is one of the most transportable SUP boards on the planet. Whether travelling by foot, bike, or public transport, you’ll love how convenient it is transporting this board in a backpack.

Imagine how liberated you’ll feel leaving your stuffy office, throwing on your Compact backpack and heading out towards the open sea or local river. Ten years in the making, this revolutionary board is a step forward in what an inflatable board can be. It’s a full-sized SUP that folds down to half the size of a conventional inflatable paddle board.

  • MAX RIDER WEIGHT - 95kgs
  • RIDER STYLEAll - round fun
  • MIN EXPERIENCE - Beginner