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Armstrong A+ CF800V1 Foil Kit - free freight Aust only


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CF800V1 wing with 72cm/28.5" mast and TC60cm/23.5" fuselage

Ideal for: Kite/Medium to larger wave riding/Windsurf/Wake foiling
Suits intermediate level and above

Carving Freeride 800 Foil Kit

The CF800 Foil Kit delivers the perfect combination of performance, stability and rail to rail carve-ability to take your foiling to the next level.

  • Kiteboarding: Ideal for freeride kiteboarding

  • Surfboard: Lighter rider or faster bigger waves.

  • SUP: Lighter rider or bigger wave riding.

  • Wake and Tow: Ideal for all intermediate to advanced tow foiling.

Wing Dimensions

Wing area: 800cm2 (124in2)
Wing span: 600mm
Weight: 700g

We recommend the setup below, but much depends on rider weight and riding style. 
See our Foil chart for assistance.

CF800 Wing, V2 CF300 tail, 85cm (33.5”) Mast, TC60 (23.5”) Fuselage, PP Shims

kit comes complete with...

4 Titanium T-nuts + 4 Bi Directional Titanium Washers + mast top screw set + foil screw set + Torx tool + protective mast and wing covers + carry bag.

For help selecting the right setup for you, check out the Foil chart

 Wanna find out more? Visit https://www.stonker.com.au/pages/armstrong-foils