Wing-surfing or wind-winging? Do it on your SUP board!

If you are looking something new to do with your SUP on the water this summer, we have just the thing for you!

Wing-surfing, or wind-winging, is a relatively new sport, which is basically like an easy, low cost, version of windsurfing. As you may know, windsurfing started back in the 1970s and was very popular for quite a while, but it became quite an expensive sport to get into. Then about 22 years ago, along came kitesurfing, which was a major growth sport up until about 2010. Again, it became a bit expensive for some people to get into, and it is also perhaps perceived to be an extreme sport, that might be beyond the physical capabilities of many people. 

So along comes Wing-surfing. There are several benefits of wing-surfing and two major schools of wing-surfing – a high performance version on a hydrofoil board and what we think will be the more popular, and low cost version, on a standard stand up paddle board.

I’m going to focus here on the low-cost version. With a standard SUP board (which you probably already own), you just need to invest 2 pieces of equipment-  a Wind Wing, like the highly acclaimed Armstrong A-wing or the latest model Sling Wing from Slingshot and a retro fit keel fin called the sUP WINDer , also from Slingshot. Both Slingshot and Ozone are highly reputable kitesurf companies, who’s products we have been selling for many years.

Let me explain what a wind wing is, but please have a look at the pictures below. It looks like and is constructed like, a small kitesurf kite. It has an inflatable frame, which means that after use it can be deflated and packed down to quite a small package. It flies like a kite, but rather than being on 25 metre lines, it is held directly by the user, the person standing on the SUP board.

The wing generates lift and so, while you are standing in a semi-surf stance on the board, you are propelled along by the wind. Suggested wind speed is about 10-20 knots to generate speed on the board, with the ability to tack upwind. By staying upwind, you can exit the water at roughly the same spot that you entered, which means you don’t have to walk back.

To help you stay upwind, Slingshot have developed the sUP WINDer. This is simple retro-fit keel fin which sticks on to the hull of your SUP board. The keel fin can be removed at any time to resume normal paddling.

When will be the best time to go Wing-surfing on your SUP? Over summer, when our regular seabreezes start blowing in the afternoon, will be best. So, if you can’t make it down to the beach for the early morning offshores and glassy little waves, head out in the afternoon to cruise around on the water! Sailing is awesome fun and you will love it!

Have a look at this video wfeaturing the Armstrong A-wing to see the high performance style of wind winging on foil boards.