The new Konrad SUP GLIDR S5 has been redesigned for 2021 with some major upgrades to the bottom shape and overall profile of the board.  A new rocker line including increased nose lift maintains paddle efficiency while adding a lot of resistance to touchdowns or nose diving, as well as allowing the board to squeeze into tighter spaces for short period waves.

The tail profile has been resigned with a hydrosheer step to "V" angle for easy release and reduced tail stick, and the new deck is flat at the front of the board, moving into a slight concave towards the rear which creates a very stable platform for pumping.

New features include a full array of footstrap options, as well 2 pullout handles (one top, one bottom) to make handling your gear easier especially when it comes to Wing Foiling.

Fully fit out with the deck grip pre-installed, which features the centre line ridge running full length of the pad.

Full Size Specs: 

  • 6'6 Wing GLIDR - 160l
    6'3 Wing GLIDR - 145.6l
    6'0 Wing GLIDR - 130.6l