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There are various foil manufacturers supplying foils in to the Australian market. None that we are aware of have more experience in the foiling area than Slingshot. Slingshot are a US based company who have been involved in the kitesurf business for about 20 years (hence our association with them). Kiters have been foiling for a long time and Slingshot are without doubt the market leaders in this "not so new" and exciting water sport.

We have toyed with the idea of importing our own range of foils. We've even looked at having some local guys make foils for us (and that's not off the table). But to go with the market leader and pass on their years of experience and knowledge to help you, our customers, get more water time and experience the pure joy of flying above the water, seemed like the best thing to do.

Now foiling is not easy to learn! Kai Lenny et. al. in Hawaii make it look easy I know, but those guys have already been doing it for years and they're better than the average surfer too. Fortunately Slingshot have condensed a lot of the accumlated knowledge about learning how to foil at the Foil Academy website. You can set up a free account there. Slingshot are very generous with their knowledge. You don't have to buy a Slingshot foil or anything else to benefit from the Foil Academy. But our hope is that you will join up there, do the course or courses that are appropriate for you, and then come and buy your gear from us.

One of the first things you will learn at the Flight Academy is that they advise you to learn to foil firstly behind a boat. This is very good advice! You want to get the feel of riding a foil BEFORE you catch a wave. This may prevent serious injury! So, one of our early surf/SUP foil customers, James Murhpy is on hand to help you with this. James runs See All Dolphin Swims and has a pretty decent sort of boat to tow you behind on his foil. So you don't have to buy one to try one. We don't rent out foils for you to try out until you have become a proficient rider. So contact James via his website to line up a time to get out behind his boat. Also check the videos on the Slingshot Foil Instagram page.

The investment of $200 for a 1.5 hr lesson will be the best $200 you can spend to learn to foil. You'll have 30 mins talking it through, then an hour on the water, foiling beside the boat. The wakes powerful enough to surf it without needing to hold the rope once competent. The cost can come down to $150.00 per person for a group of 3, so get your mates together to do it.

We currently have last years Slingshot foil gear on our website and over the next week or two we will have all the latest gear there. They have made some significant improvement to many of their products this year and the prices have stayed pretty much the same. We hope to have the new models in the show for you to check out in August.

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