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Stonker Torquay Kiteboarding & KiteSurfing


Stonker stocks a wide range of kiting equipment including new and used kiteboards, kites, harnesses and other accessories.

We supply kitesurf major brands, such as Ozone, Slingshot, and Mystic


Stonker has a team of experienced craftsmen to carry out kiteboard and kite repairs from our factory in Torquay Victoria.


Learn to kiteboard in Geelong, Torquay and Surf Coast surrounds with our IKO (International Kiteboarding Organisation) qualified instructors on the latest Kite School equipment.

Our highly experienced instructors offer lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced riders whether it be wake-style kiteboarding or surf-style kitesurfing.

What do the kite surfing and kite boarding lessons include?

Safety first, understanding the weather, how to setup your gear, understanding equipment, kite control, body dragging, board control, turning and recovery techniques.

With these skills you can progress safely at your own pace, and get out on the water as soon as possible, usually in the 1st lesson!

How much does a kiteboarding or kitesurfing lesson cost?

Kiteboarding & Kitesurfing Private Lesson
2 hours $200

Kiteboarding & Kitesurfing Group Lesson
(2 people)

Bring a friend and split the bill
2 hours $250

What to bring?

If you have your own gear or wetsuit you are welcome to bring it, if not we have everything you need including kites, boards, wetsuits and booties, unless otherwise advised by your instructor.

How do I book?

Kiteboarding is a highly weather dependent sport. With this in mind, lessons will only be conducted in suitable conditions, left to the instructor’s discretion, depending on your ability. It is important to notify us several weeks in advance of your intention to have lessons. If you arrive in Torquay and hope to get a lesson on the day, it may be impossible and you may therefore be a little disapointed. This is because there is most likely someone who booked in weeks before you waiting for their lesson. So, to avoid disappointment, please book early.

For bookings and information
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  • Custom Kite Boards
  • New & Used Kiteboards
  • Kite Repairs
  • Slingshot Kites
  • Slingshot Boards
  • Ozone Kites
  • Takoon Kites
  • Trainer Kites
  • Mystic Harnesses
  • Takoon Harnesses
  • Takoon Kite Boards
  • Mystic Kite Board Accessories
  • Kiteboarding Lessons
  • Kitesurfing Lessons
  • Join the Stonker family - when you have your lessons and buy your gear from us, we look after you and go kiting with you and introduce you to others in our kiting family. This is very reassuring for you, especially in your early years of kiting!
  • Kiting Trips - we organize a annual kiting trip overseas, to somewhere warm and windy, and usually towards the end of June. Last year we went to Tonga in September, to suss it out for this years trip in June.

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